B.A.P's Chocolate Making Film for Valentine Day

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- English Sub Video


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  1. read the sub somewhere already! but it was kinda blurry a bit but i can managed to read a little!^ ^' lol

  2. **now been listening to kylie minogue - chocolate // (and just now been watching this one next,on youtube at my big sis' house)shanks & bigfoot - sweet like chocolate

  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=--zXgLmP_w4 eng sub

  4. yaayss~ thank you chanmol-admin and miss?or mr?^ ^ Anonymous for sharing both english sub links. ;) i will go and check and read again if my place or at my eldest sister's place internet connection is good or well-received. you both are one of the best! ;)

  5. lol when i wrote the "miss anonymous" there it suddenly reminds me of a song by bobby valentino featuring timbaland!x) speaking of bobby valentino(naah~ nothing to do with valentine day though altough it sound like it!xD) then suddenly the name of the other bobby rings inside my head! which is bobby brown! i remember the famous song by himself called "every little step i take" ~you will be there~ waa~ this memory of mind is like cpu!xD i can't believe i still remember the song(chorus)but not the whole lyrics though!xD