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(Night for Asia fans, Evening for Europe/Middle East fans, Afternoon for America fans, click HERE to use a timezone converter)
Responsible(s): Grace, Rona, Dana 
The chat is also available for download on the App store and on Google Play so you can chat with us on your mobile devices too! 

BYS organize fanmeetings (chat) for special events, broadcasts or releases. BYS fanmeetings is an amazing opportunity to meet other B.A.P's fans from all over the world while celebrating a member's birthday, waiting for a new MV or watching a live performance.
The time of each fanmeeting will be announced through FacebookTwitter or Tumblr, at least 48 hours before it starts, and we will post many reminders too.

We encourage fans to invite their other Kpop friends in the fanmeetings so they can learn more about B.A.P and hopefully start to like them more/listen more to their music! 


Daily Dose of BAP (DDOB) is a side-blog of BYS 
Run by Dana; Rona; Grace; Shweei 

Few months after the site’s opening, we’ve decided to create a place where BABYz can find many pictures, gifs, graphics, macros, facts and imagines about the boys. A place where they can spazz, cry and laugh because of the boys. 
Submissions (pictures, gifs, macros, etc.) and Requests (imagine, spams, etc.) are welcome! You can also submit your artworks (graphics, covers, etc.) on DDOB, and we’ll be glad to share it with everyone!


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  3. For those who are studying Korean lyrics, here's a page with about 100 Korean learning resources for studying Korean. ^^

  4. I'm not sure where to post my suggestion, so I'll put it here. I was watching a youtube video (Eat your kimchi) about the kdrama and kpop industry. They mentioned the long hours and working conditions and the entertainment industry encouraging them with "fighting" messages to push through.
    As a BABY, I would like a new positive hashtag to catch on and be used by fans across the nations. As a fan, I want good music and shows, but it is most important that the artists are healthy because there is only of them and the world would not be the same without them in it.

    We should use something like #단 하나의 당신 or #only1U at the end of our messages to our favorite artists reminding them that we fans love and want them to take care of themselves above being an entertainer.

  5. Im not sure where or who i should ask, but does anyone know when b.a.p will arrive in atlanta in april? And can i meet them at the airport?

  6. I'd love to see BYS in my city. This meeting would be unforgettable. Their work really fascinates and delights. I cannot wait for the new performances.

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