On this page, you will find all infos you need about B.A.P's Discography (Albums) and official Goodies (including DVD, Photobooks, Calendars, Concert Goods and More). 

Buying B.A.P's merch is so important! Fans are THE ones who finance the group: by buying B.A.P's albums, DVD and other goodies, you will help B.A.P to produce more music and make more concert tours. This is the best way you can show your support to B.A.P; and this is the only way we can assure that B.A.P can stay alive as a band. 

Matoki Lightstick (Version 2) + Whistle (Version 2)  or Whistle (Version 3)+ Slogan/Towel (Version 2) 
Approx. 40 $ USD. 

Available on all Kpop online stores

Tracklist, music video, audios, lyrics in English, making, concept photos and more. You will find all infos you need, including prices, 'where to buy' links and album's contents. 

1st Single Album
January 27, 2012

2nd Single Album
May 1st, 2012

1st Mini Album
July 27, 2012

1st Mini Album (Repackage)
August 29, 2012

3rd Single Album
October 23, 2012

2nd Mini Album
February 12, 2013

3rd Mini Album
August 12, 2013

1st Japanese Single Album
October 9, 2013

2nd Japanese Single Album
November 13, 2013

1st Full Album
February 3rd, 2014

3rd Japanese Single Album
April 2nd, 2014

4th Single Album
June 3rd, 2014

4th Japanese Single Album
September 3rd, 2014

4th Mini Album
November 15, 2015

5th Mini Album
February 22, 2016

1st Japanese Album
March 30th, 2016

5th Japanese Single Album
July 13, 2016

5th Single Album
August 8, 2016

2nd Full Album
November 7, 2016

6th Japanese Single
December 7th, 2016

6th Single Album
March 7, 2017

7th Japanese Single
April 26th, 2017

2nd Japanese Album
June 28th, 2017

7th Single Album
September 5, 2017

8th Japanese Single
September 20th, 2017

8th Single Album
December 13th, 2017

9th Japanese Single
January 3rd, 2018

3rd Japanese Album
March 28th, 2018

Official merch released by TS ENT, including DVD, Photobooks, Calendars, Concerts Goods and Official BABY kits. You will find all infos you need, including prices, 'where to buy' links and product's contents.  
Before buying a DVD (or an album including a DVD), make sure that your DVD player will be able to read it. You always have to check the DVD's region code before checking out. If the DVD you want to buy doesn't play in your region, you can still buy it and play it in your PC (PC doesn't have region code.) You can also buy a cheap DVD player Region All on Ebay or even make a copy of the original DVD on another DVD and play it in your DVD! 

Features many photos from their recording and broadcast activities, including fanmeetings, concerts, behind-the-scenes, music video, and unreleased album photos. 

Warrior and Secret Love eras - Released on April 23, 2012

Power era - Released on July 9, 2012

No Mercy, Stop It, Rain Sound and One Shot eras - Released on June 21, 2013

Badman and 1004 era - Released on April 23, 2014


"HELLO 2013"
Released in November 2012

Released on November 26, 2013

Released on November 26, 2013

"2017 Season's Greetings"
December 13th, 2016


Concert merch are usually only available at venues, BUT at the end of the concert/tour, some of them are available on TS e-shop (Tutorial for intl buyers), KpopTown, KpopMart, YesAsia or DVDheaven so international fans have chance to buy them too. You can also find Korean, Japanese and Chinese sellers on Ebay and Amazon who also have concert merch, but it can be more expensive and be careful when buying from them! 

We can't list all of these goods with prices and 'where to buy' links since it's so unstable, a lot of these goodies are out of stock/out of print and only a few of them are currently available for purchase, but not for a long time. 

If you are looking for something in particular, you can ask us help through ask.fm/bysfansite, bysfansite@gmail.com or @ladydeath24



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