[STARCAST] It’s not ‘warriors’ but ‘milky boys’! Undisclosed teaser photos for B.A.P’s new album “CARNIVAL”

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Hello, STARCAST readers. :) Cover photos, schedule poster, individual teaser images and group teaser image revealed today for the new album...!  It’s B.A.P who are giving us one bait a day before releasing 5th mini album [CARNIVAL] on February 22.

It is expected but there must be many B.A.B.Y who have fluttering heart for six men’s greater appearances than expected. I’ve prepared very special undisclosed teaser photos to make your heart flutter until they make comeback. What do you have to before watching it? Revise.

Here comes the ‘milky boys’! It must have been fresh shocking news for B.A.B.Y who are familiar with black, red and gold colors for B.A.P. Members’ softness (+) 10000 with mint, pink and white colors.  

*B.A.P 5th mini album [CARNIVAL] official Teaser Image*

 You know, B.A.P’s best day is tomorrow?? Happy B.A.B.Y because of the members renewing best appearance every day. Then here comes the undisclosed photos!

Ta-da! I’m happy when you smile ♪ Huh? I’m the one who became crazy because of Bang Yongguk’s smile.

Himchan changed his hair color from black to blonde! It is said that he could not stop laugh during the whole shooting.

Daehyun is completely lost in taking selfie. And his selfie is?

Uploaded on the social media straight away! Actually Daehyun’s selfie was a spoiler of new album in fact. No wonder he is the best communicator who received ‘fan, everyone’. He has affection for fans.

The King of the muggles’ smile brough a peace to the world. -The End- Youngjae suits a beret perfectly that is not easy to suit with for everyone.

Wait here, let’s have a look at Youngjae’s dot patterned socks! Cute fashion hidden in the individual teaser image since it only showed upper body. OMG, two boys’ perfect harmony is killing me.

Jongup’s pure smile makes us cry in joy- He went back to childhood by putting balloons around his face. B.A.B.Y says Why am I not a balloon? :(

The youngest member’s shy heart...♡ I think he asked me to marry him over the screen, isn’t he? Hair tips and stadium jumper are all intensive HOT PINK!

Finishing with undisclosed group photo of Flying_6boys.jpg! It’s Daehyun and Jongup flying away by holding balloons and the other members hold tight on to them. If B.A.P fly away, I would die.

It’s B.A.P whose trademark is ‘strong beat music’ but there were many exciting songs. (Feat. Big issue, where are you, what are you doing?) Please look forward for B.A.P’s new album [CARNIVAL] releasing fresh images through pictures already! Please note that the stages for new songs are unveiled through ‘B.A.P LIVE ON EARTH 2016 WORLD TOUR SEOUL AWAKE!!’ on February 20 and 21 for the first time! Let’s meet at SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium on that day!
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