Tell B.A.P you want them in your country!

Posted by Isa @ BAPYESSIR.COM

The site ''MyMusicTaste'' can help you to bring B.A.P to your country! To vote for your country, you just have to put your cursor on your city's name and click on ''MAKE''

Then you can share the site on your SNS so that more fans can vote! Keep in mind that TS needs a minimum of 2,000 - 3,000 fans to bring B.A.P to a city during a world tour.

Let's show them that #EARTHNEEDSBAP!


  1. I wish it had New Mexico :(

  2. Sry i cant vote because i saw nth in the page

  3. I wish they would come to Madrid but... I know that there are not enough babies here in Spain to give them all the love and support that they should have... -_-u

  4. SYDNEY AUSTRALIA!!!! <3 Aussie Babies