EXCUSE ME (JPN): 4th Japanese Single Album, Released on September 3rd, 2014

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This is a master post for B.A.P's Japanese "Excuse Me" Single


The songs to be coupled with the Japanese Excuse Me single are Coffee Shop and Zero!
Note for iTunes: It's difficult to access the store if you do not have Japanese funds, but some have found it easier to make a separate iTunes account just to access the Japanese store.

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Making of "Excuse Me" MV and Cover Shooting
- Please take note that we are only posting this for the sake of international fans being able to understand what went on behind this MV. We hope that fans will do all they can to buy the DVD's, and support B.A.P financially.
- ALSO please note some parts were difficult to hear and so some translation was difficult.
- To be translated in all languages available (see the list)

(Eng Subbed)

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"Excuse Me" Official Music Video + Teasers


B.A.P “Excuse Me” Present Ticket Information


Address to send the postcard with the ticket stamp:
*NOTE* It's best to write the address twice; once in English/romaji, and once in Japanese, just to be sure it arrives at the right place.

Japanese address:
キングレコード株式会社 第二クリエイティブ本部
B.A.P “Excuse Me” プレゼント応募 係

Romaji address:
Otowa, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
King Records Dai 2 Creative Honbu
B.A.P “Excuse Me” Present Ticket

Each first pressing of the single has either this present ticket or a member ticket that was valid at the Sept. 6 & 7 release events. The Release events are over but the present tickets can still be used.

Present: "Excuse Me" Poster signed by all members of B.A.P

Cut out the small stamp in the bottom righthand corner, attach it to a post card and mail it by September 30 to the address below (starting with 〒112-0013 and ending with プレゼント応募 係) and get a chance to win (10 winners chosen by lottery) 
It seems international Babys can participate. Winners will get their posters shipped out sometime at the end of October. **You must write your name, address (including postal code) as well as your age & phone number on the postcard with the stamp attached**


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B.A.P Japan 4th Single “Excuse Me” Release Commemoration Event Goods Sale Information!

Please understand that in the event of cancellation or change there will be no prior notice in where the goods are to be sold.

Some items may not be available.

B.A.P Japan 4th Single “Excuse Me” Release Commemoration Event Goods:

  • T-Shirt (Colors - Black/White, Sizes S/M/L) 3,600 yen
  • Muffler Towel (Colors - Black/White) 1,700 yen
  • Cushion 3,000 yen 
  • Photo Collection 400 yen
Goods Sale Time:
Sept. 6, 2014 (Sat.) Osaka ATC Hall, A Hall 2:00 p.m. start
Sept. 7, 2014 (Sun.) Makuhari Messe, Hall 6 1:00 p.m. start

※Because there is a limit to each item, thank you for your understanding on the occasion it being sold out.
※The price of each item includes tax.
※Will not accept credit card.
※Please confirm the product size, amount, change(money) at the moment of purchase. Please take note that we cannot respond to any claim, report, or future inquiry once you have left the sales area..
※You cannot exchange any defective product once you have left the sales area.
※After purchasing you cannot exchange or receive repayment.

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- Translation available in: French, Thai, Turkish, Indonesian, Polish, Filipino, Italian, Portuguese

Q: You finished with great success in Fukuoka, Nagoya, Osaka and Makuhari for your June “LOE 2014” tour. What impressions of the tour can you tell us.

YG: We hadn’t gone to a fan event, it was our first time in some places, and many fans came to see us so we were very happy.
Zelo: For me, each individual fan is a precious person, but I was thrilled that so many fans came to our concert, I felt the greatness of our responsibility.
DH: We were able to experience Japanese culture, and we were able to deepen our interaction with fans so it was good.

Q: What Japanese culture?

DH: In different areas of Japan there are different dialects, right? We studied that a little bit, and came to understand differences in characteristics and buildings.

Q: What Japanese did you remember in different dialects?

DH: “I like it/you” (he used Kansai/Osaka dialect)
HC: “I really like it/you,” “It’s really delicious” (Kansai dialect)
JU: “No way!/What the hell/etc.” (Kansai)
YJ: Really? (Kansai)

Q: Everything seems to be Osaka dialect (laughs)

HC: If we said why we remember it, it’s because a Radio DJ taught us them on a program we were on (laughs)
(going back to the tour impressions)
HC: Actually, it wasn’t that we went to entirely new places you know. There was a place we went to for a fan event. Osaka for example, we went for our previous event when the sakura were blooming but she we went this time the feeling was completely different so it was nice. 
JU: It was incredible seeing many fans giving us huge support where we went. There were many people waiting for us even in places we went for the first time~ and
(T/N: I’m not sure why this “and” is here, there was just a random “and” at the end if his answer, don’t know if it was a typo or if he got interrupted or distracted, or if he meant it as quoting how he felt…)
YJ: We hadn’t done a tour like this in Korea which we were able to visit large local venues for the tour, I still can’t believe it, I am grateful so many fans came to see us. 

Q: Your June tour lasted about a month, but did your Japanese improve?

HC: When we’re in Japan we get used to it, and there are times we can naturally have a conversation, but when we return to Korea or go to another country, frankly we forget when we learned. 

Q: Has Youngjae, who is good at Japanese, learned any new words? 

YJ: Rather than having learned new words, I’ve come to understand Japanese grammar more, I think. I studied through watching Japanese dramas.

Q: You made a Japanese version of your Korean song with this release of “Excuse Me”.
 but what did you think when you first heard this song? 

DH: When I first heard it it was really new! I thought it was a perfect song for us. It’s fun, a song you can be confident singing was what I thought while recording it. I’ve become familiar with the Korean version, when I tried singing the Japanese version, there were parts I think we could express more. I thought, isn’t the Japanese version an upgrade (of the original)? 

Q: Which parts have been upgraded?

DH: The vocals and raps, also (since we are filled with power) when singing we feel useful, I think. There are many areas that got better.

Q: Since you sang the Korean version, there was some time that passed before doing the Japanese version recording. What was it like singing it after a while? 

YJ: We sang “Excuse Me” often at concerts, so it’s a song we’re familiar with, the response to the song was also adequate, we were able to have lots of fun. Whenever we do a Japanese version recording, in order to keep the feel of the original (Korean version) alive, there are some parts that we have to change.

Q: What was it like recording the rap parts?

YG: There are of course a lot of words that I’m not used to so it’s not that it’s not difficult (laughs). There are some words that if you mispronounce sound like different words, so staff helped us and we could record. 
HC: In this song, 3/4 of my part are English words. That’s why the recording the Japanese version this time was not too difficult since it was only a little bit of Japanese lyrics. 
Zelo: Since my part in “Excuse Me” is a little difficult, I think there were some parts that were disappointing so I practiced and repeated them while recording. 
JU: In Korean we understand the meaning, and say it with the words we know, but in Japanese we just learn the lyrics then record, so we might not be able to express very well. This is a difficult part, and more practice is needed for some  parts I think.

Q: There are more new dances in the Japanese version of the “Excuse Me” Music video. Which parts changed? 

Zelo: In the Korean version we made is t ride the rhythm of the song for a feeling of getting fired up together with group dancing, but the dance for the Japanese chorus is new. 

Q: Is there a name for the new dance? 

Zelo: “Orangatang dance?” (laughs)
JU: “Let’s play dance?” (laughs)
DH: “Free Hero dance?” 
HC: Wouldn’t it be better getting Japanese fans to name it? (laughs)

Q: The surprising thing in the MV was Jongup’s image change. Him wearing glasses was different, I thought there was a new member (laughs). What do you think about yourself (in the MV)?

JU: It wasn’t the original intention to go with this feeling, I got a lot of feedback while getting makeup & costuming done as the concept came together. The members also said “It’s good, isn’t it?” so that was how it turned out.

Q: The whole feel of the MV this time is chic and adult.

DH: It was a new attempt to get hip hop costumes with clean, smart jacket styles.
YG: It’s been a while since we sang upbeat, fun hip hop melody, we had fun recording the MV.
HC: It’s not just suits, there are hip hop style bad boy costumes as well, we show many faces I think.

Q: Was there any funny episodes while filming the MV? 

DH: For our schedule, we filmed the MV in 1 day, but we filmed, ate, filmed again, rested a bit, filmed…that sort of cycle was a bit tiring (laughs) that sort of feeling.
HC: In the MV there were little dramas for each of us so filming was interesting and fun. 
DH: Yeah, it was a new feeling. 

Q: With the release of “Excuse Me” you will have a photocard handout event right? There’s nothing like this in Korea, how did you feel after experiencing this (in Japan)?

DH: In Korea we do fan signs, but in Japan there are many people in an open space, right? It’s fun to have an event with so many fans, it’s good I think. 
YJ: It’d be nice to be able to speak Japanese more with everyone, we can only say one or two words to everyone in a short time (with photo card handout event).
HC: When the event is held in cold weather, and there are small, kid fans, it’s quite difficult for them. But really we can meet everyone so it is fun and makes good memories.

Q: Any other event or tour memories you want to share?

JU: Personally, seeing the Gundam at Odaiba made me happy. When smoke came out and it lit up, I really thought it would take off to the sky (laughs).
HC: But it was only that (laughs), I was looking forward to it moving more.
JU: I’ve always been a fan of Japanese anime, but seeing it on TV at the time, it’s a very surreal feeling. 
YG: In Osaka at a sports centre (Round One, it has karaoke, bowling and other sports areas and has locations throughout Japan) was fun. We heard about this place from local people, but in Korea there is no single location to do all these sports. I think it’s be good if Korea had more places like this. Soccer, basketball, ping pong, and the batting centre. It was surreal being able to do all these sports in one building, I’m envious. 

Q: Lastly, each of you please tell us what to listen for in “Excuse Me.” 

YG: We always sang it at concerts, so fans are familiar with this song, but of course Japanese versions of songs are easier for Japanese fans to sing I think, so it’ll be good if you have fun.
Zelo: We did our best for the new choreography in the MV, so I’ll be happy if you come to love this song.
HC: Listening to “Excuse Me” is really fun, but it’s fun seeing us sing it you know. So please look forward to us on the stage.
JU: Like Himchan-hyung, I think seeing us preform “Excuse Me” on stage is the best. Also if I can show my image change on stage (laughs).
YJ: The melody is easy, it’s a song everyone can sing easily I think. The lyrics are fun too, so if you can enjoy singing it’d be good. 
DH: With this Japanese version there are more parts we can connect with, and we are showing our current, best cool image, so please look forward to our promotions. 

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Store Special Goods
These are special goods available when you purchase the single from Japanese stores

Amazon: Original sticker, HMV: 1 of 4 random glitter pens

Tower records: B2 size poster, Tower Records Shibuya: large size random member solo pic (so there are no posters at the Shibuya store if you get one of these)

Tsutaya: 1 of 4 random glitter pens, Neo Wing: Original photo

Rakyuten books, WonderGoo, Shinseido: original sticker 

Other stores: Photo

Oricon will no longer count overseas orders from hmv, yesasia, cdjapan etc. as they wanted to keep the figures relevant for domestic purchases only.

Please purchase B.A.P's new Japanese Single "Excuse Me" from your local blogshops as they will usually get a Japanese supplier to buy it in Japan and ship it to them. Alternatively if you know someone in Japan who can buy it from the local stores (that report to oricon) and ship the CD out to you, that will be another option to support B.A.P!

Another suggested option is to use Japanese Deputy services / forwarders like:

If you have no way to buy locally or ask a Japanese friend to buy for you, please buy the CD on Yesasia, HMV or CDJapan to at least help B.A.P to keep producing music!


Digital Single Release on Dwango

"Kpop Life" mobile site pre-release of B.A.P "Excuse Me" single
The digital version of B.A.P's "Excuse Me" single is available from Japanese mobile download site Dwango/Kpop Life. You must have a Japanese mobile service provider to download.
Special goods lottery! With download of the single you have a chance to get B.A.P x NicoNico Live special goods!
Time frame: between August 27 midnight and September 2 11:59pm
Access link: http://r.dwango.jp/i000UYD1 (only on mobile devices) You can also access using the QR code

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Excuse Me Release Events & No Mercy Make Up Event

Excuse Me Release Events

The release event for "Excuse Me" has been confirmed!
It will be a Special Goods Handout event!
[T/N: Like "No Mercy" live event, I just changed the translation from "Gift Exchange" since it was misleading as only B.A.P will give you a special photo card, you don't exchange gifts ^^]

There will be Special Goods Handout event tickets in all first pressings of the "Excuse Me" singles.
More details will be posted soon, please wait a bit!

September 3 (Wednesday)  Lazona Kawasaki Plaza Loofa Open Ground Stage (Free entrance, see more infos about the venue HERE)
Starts at 6:30pm KST 

September 6(Saturday)Osaka ATC Hall A (大阪ATCホールA)
Doors open 2pm, starts 3pm JST

September 7(Sunday)Chiba Makihari Messe Hall 6  (幕張メッセホール6)
Doors open 1pm, starts 2pm

© B.A.P Official Japanese site | Nicole @ BAPYESSIR.COM

How to participate in the Excuse Me events 
In the first press of all 3 versions of the Excuse Me single there will be a "present ticket" or an "event ticket". Only with a "event ticket" can you take part in the event. Be careful as you cannot use a "present ticket" to participate in the event.
※"Event tickets" have only one member on them, there are therefor six kinds.
※You can participate in the event with the member that is on the "event ticket" that you have.
※To participate in the event, please simply bring your "event ticket" to the event.

- Older children need their own "event ticket."
- One "event ticket" allows you to participate in the event with one member and to receive one special good.
- The date, content, time of the event is subject to changes.
- The organizers have the right to stop the event for a while, cancel it, change the actual event and limit the number of people who are allowed to participate and are not to be held responsible.
- Preschool children who have an "event ticket" need to be accompanied by a guardian.
- Please inquire if you have an "event ticket" and have a physical handicap or are in need of assistance.
- In no instance will an "event ticket" be reissued.
- Resale of "event tickets" to a third party is strictly prohibited. It is also forbidden to counterfeit them. If you are caught doing either you will be banned from participating in all upcoming B.A.P events.
- The event can still be over even if you still have a "event ticket."
- You cannot participate in the event if you arrive after it ends. Since the time is subject to change on the day of the event, please arrive early.
- Please understand that staff might touch your shoulders or arms during the event.
- There will be goods sold at the events, but in limited quantities.
- CDs sold at the venue might be limited to one per person.
- It will not be possible to purchase CDs sold at the venue with a credit card
- Please attend the event with the least bags possible. All bags will be checked at the entrance for security purposes.
- You cannot bring your bag inside the event booth, you will be asked to leave it on a table before entering. Staff will be there to keep an eye on it but we will not be held responsible for forgotten or lost items.
- There will be no check in for bags at the venue.
- The members might take a break during the event.
- Do not sleep over at the venue the night before; the event will be cancelled. Also no disturbances in the area around the venue.
- Waiting for the members to come out after the event has ended will not be tolerated.
- Please put presents in the present boxes.
- Always follow instructions. You will be asked to leave if you don't, and the event might be stopped.
- All cameras, video cameras, cellphone cameras, pictures, video recordings, audio recordings of the event or the artist is strictly prohibited. If you are caught your camera will be confiscated and all data erased, and the event might be cancelled.
- You will be lining up for a long time. Please take care of your well-being.
- Please bring your garbage home.
- Please follow the venue's regulations concerning eating, drinking, and smoking.
- You are responsible for your own transportation and hotel fees and we cannot be held responsible if the event is cancelled.
- There might be official cameras during the event. Please be aware that the content might be used in magazines or aired on television.

© B.A.P Official Japanese site | Translation © Julie @ BAPYESSIR.COM

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No Mercy Make Up Event
Because of organisation and a sudden thunderstorm, B.A.P's release event for their third single No Mercy at the Diver City Tokyo Plaza on the 6th of April was cut short, and not all participants were able to use their tickets. We apologize to the people that were affected.

There will be an event for those people on the 7th of September, for the release of B.A.P's 4th single Excuse Me.

Date: September 7th, in the Kanto area (venue tba)
Event: handing postcards
How to participate:
1. Have a ticket that wasn't used during the April 6th event 
2. Have a numbered ticket that was distributed at that same event
3. Apply to the following website during the time frame you're required to
You have until 12:00 on August 18th to register
※Your registration will not be counted if it's after registrations are closed

Those who have registered, please bring all of the following to the event:
1. The ticket(s) that couldn't be used during the April 6th event

2. The numbered ticket that was distributed at that same event

4. An ID (driver's license, passport, student ID, etc.) We will not accept IDs that are photocopied or are not valid anymore.

Please keep the confirmation email preciously until the event as we will not send it another time, no matter the reason.

-There will be no talk show nor mini live during this event.
-Because of the schedule, no matter how many tickets you have for the same or different members, please chose only one member. You will be able to use only one ticket. You will be able to give the remainder of your tickets to staff to get the special postcards. 
-It is not possible to use the No Mercy tickets for the Excuse Me event that will take place on the same day.

We apologize for not being able to meet everyone's hopes as it is a difficult situation because of the schedule and other factors, and we thank you for your understanding.

© B.A.P Official Japanese site | Julie @ BAPYESSIR.COM

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Yongguk Jacket Photo

Himchan Jacket Photo

Zelo Jacket Photo

Jongup Jacket Photo

Youngjae Jacket Photo

Daehyun Jacket Photo
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Single Types

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3. EXCUSE ME (Original Rap Version)
4. EXCUSE ME (Instrumental)
5.COFFEE SHOP (Instrumental)  

Special goods: Matoki Gummy Light Keyholder

2,900 yen + tax
Maxi single plus original goods
CD contents: Japanese version of 2 songs plus 2 instrumentals
There will be 1 random trading card (first press)

3. EXCUSE ME (Original Rap Version)
4. EXCUSE ME (Instrumental)
5. ZERO (Instrumental)
1. EXCUSE ME Music Video

1,572 yen + tax
Maxi single plus DVD
CD contents: Japanese version of 2 songs plus 2 instrumentals
DVD contents: Music Video of Japanese version of "Excuse Me"
There will be 1 random trading card (first press)

3. ZERO 
4. EXCUSE ME (Original Rap Version)

1,250 yen + tax
Maxi single
CD contents: Japanese version of 3 songs
There will be 1 random trading card (first press)

B.A.P Announce Excuse Me Release at their Last 2014 LOE Japan Concert

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During their last Japanese concert on June 22 in Chiba, B.A.P announced the release of their 4th Japanese single "Excuse Me" on September 3, 2014.


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