Zelo Featured in Secret's Jieun Song "Vintage"

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("Vintage" is around the 6 minute mark) 


Yeah, make it last


Ok, I just wanna say I love you, girl

Let's Go

I gasped and fell for you at first sight
You're my ideal type I've dreamt of Fantasy
No Worries No Doubt
I'm an okay guy
Trust me and follow me Slowly come closer
All the guys in your area are similar similar
To my heart beat that beats beats
Entrust yourself to me When our eyes meet
My love for you becomes stronger

(I'm still shy baby)

Become addicted to me Like caffeine
When everyone falls asleep one by one
We are awake, every day is like my birthday
We become one when our lips meet
Don't be shy baby, I'm more shy
It's party time baby, in this loud music the two of us
Slow Down feel the leisure
To me 1, 2 step tell me Say I love you

(You and I, you and I, the moment when we become one)

(Tell Me What You Wanna Do and what you want, too)

©bapyessir.com #Danbi

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